Do you suffer from depression? Feel anxious or struggling with stress in your life. Finding the 'right' therapist can be confusing and overwhelming experiences. I am an experienced therapist and I may be able to help you. My commitment is to provide counselling in a confidential environment, where you will be heard, not judged and not told what to do but rather to explore your options! 


Therapy is a collaborative endeavour, and it is widely recognised that it is the strength of the relationship that is key to therapeutic success, as opposed to any specific modality. 


Why Counselling and Psychotherapy:


You may be experiencing depression, anxiety, lacking the meaning of your life, perhaps confused about the direction of your life. Trying to live with kind of struggles, stress or relationship issues not only painful but also isolating. It can be also difficult to carry that burden on your own. Seeing a counsellor and psychotherapist can help you to get the sense of your life and help you live a more fulfilling.   


Whatever you are struggling with contacting a therapist can help you to begin. Counselling and psychotherapy is not like talking to your friends and family members.  


Couple counselling:  


If you are a couple confronting difficulties within your relationship, then I will help you to find a way to communicate with each other and understand each other without it slipping into age-old arguments. We will work on what is going wrong between you and try to find a mutually agreeable solution. 


How therapy works :


We will explore your feelings, experiences focusing on what you consider most important. In our sessions I will make you feel safe and heard for us to explore on the issues that you want to work on and change. I use different instruments that allow me to understand your subjective world to challenge to look at things from your personal point of view. I believe in dialogical relationships that can be crucial for working together on an agreed focus for therapy.  


I work with an integrative approach that includes existential/humanistic, cognitive behavioural (CBT) and psychodynamic therapy.  


You also do not feel to have major problem to seek counselling. You can use counselling/psychotherapy for improving self-esteem, assertiveness and personal development.