Welcome to my website


If you are visiting my website, it is usually because you may be going through difficult time in your life or just want to work through issues that you were not comfortable to talk with your social circle. If you are feeling you need to get the right kind of help and support contact me


Why you may want to consult me?


  You may feel anxious or depressed or struggling to make sense of things

  You may be failing at work, feeling isolated and fearful

♦  A relationship may have broken down leaving you feeling out of control.


The integrative approach I employ in therapy takes the client’s needs as the basis in determining the right approach. I believe that the therapy should be tailor made based on your needs and difficulties, and that our therapeutic work can only be successful if the relationship between the therapist and the client is one of trust.


The individuals I primarily work with experience anxiety and depression particularly where these experiences relate to difficult life situations, are managing life transitions, or are dealing with stress and conflict between demand of work and home. If the profile created above fits your needs, I may be able to help you. I am an experienced counselor and psychotherapist with whom you can look at your life situations, dilemmas, and difficulties in a comfortable private environment.


At the end of your therapy you can expect:


  A reduction in the intensity of feelings and initial difficulties

  A beneficial impact on your domestic, social and working life

  More informed choices, feeling more in control

  An ability to utilize effective coping mechanisms



What to do next?


Arrange an initial appointment to see how counselling and psychotherapy could benefit you please contact me


During the Initial meeting, we will explore your current difficulties in further detail and any other problems that may have brought you to therapy. We will decide on a treatment plan designed specifically for you.